I wrote about a patient and her husband I met while Teresa was being treated at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis.

Whenever I pray for someone, especially when out of town, I walk away leaving the results between the person and God. I never expect to see or hear from them again. Well …

My son texted me about two weeks ago asking me for our address. I didn’t think too much about it since our grandson’s graduation was coming up. I just assumed it had something to do with that. I was wrong. He said one of the people I prayed for in St. Louis wanted my address and phone number, and that the prayers made them feel better.  I was shocked someone looked up my son, especially when I don’t get to know that much about most people. I figured out who Justin was talking about, so naturally, when I heard she was better, I was hoping the person’s cancer was responding well to treatment.

Last Sunday at church, my son told me another person close to the family told him the lady had passed away. Of course, I was surprised, especially since I was under the assumption she was physically getting better. It wasn’t physical healing that came, it was emotional and spiritual healing. The friend of the family said after she and her husband were baptized, she felt so much better … she left the earth in peace.

I didn’t know these people, but I’m saddened that she physically didn’t make it, yet, I’m happy she made it to the right side … eternal life with God in heaven.

It can always be worse from a Christian perspective. Since most of us care about the souls of people, we are fully aware some don’t and won’t draw near to God. Some emphatically reject God, mocking those of us who believe in Him, refusing to believe in an eternal destination once one takes their last breath.

It can always be worse from a Christian perspective … she could still be in physical agony in her body. By faith, she is now completely whole with a glorified body.

It can always be worse. Yes, yes it definitely can. 

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