We don’t like what Teresa is going through, but it can always be worse.

I met a sweet little family from Missouri while sleeping in the waiting room at Siteman Cancer Institute the first time we were there in March. We shared with each other what was going on with our family members going through cancer.

Their father had worked up through two weeks prior to admitting himself to the hospital. Sadly, when he got bad, things went bad fast. The family had been there two nights, then the final moments began. During those last hours of his life, I asked the family if anyone had been into pray with them. No one had, so I was honored to pray with them and their father. I gave some of them a hug as I left so they could spend their final moments with their loved one.

Whether a death is expected or not, I’ve never seen a loss that was an easy one. I’m thankful my circle of life contains those who know how to love and forgive. I’m thankful this family believed in God, and they knew that someday they would see their father again by faith.

I had fallen asleep in the waiting room, and roused up when I heard some of them come in. Their father had passed, and naturally, there were tears. I told them I was so sorry. Some of them left to go home and I fell back to sleep. When I awoke the next morning, the family members I had hit it off with left me a thank you note, a promise to take me to Lambert’s Home of the Throwed Rolls if I came their direction. They also left me their partial box of chocolate mint Girl Scout cookies 🙂 !

They were definitely sad to see their father and grandfather go, but they knew he had God in his life, they knew where he was going, and they knew by faith they would see him again someday!

Yes, it can always be worse!

Even in the midst of horrible heartaches, sicknesses, God is still there, and His light shines in any storm we might be experiencing. Do we like what we’re all facing? No! That said, it can always be worse!

Teresa got a new roommate last night who has cancer bad in her neck and other places. She’s unable to move her arm, and her leg is beginning to do the same thing. She cried and coughed much of the night, and was emotional while I was in the room. Her husband is frustrated, and understandably so … no one seems to be helping his wife (fixing her).

A little bit ago, I asked her if I could pray for her and her husband, and tried to encourage them as much as possible, to think on good things as much as possible. We prayed. They want to be saved together (requested by the sick lady), and they asked me to get a Chaplain to baptize them together. I gladly went to the nurses station and asked them to find one.

Understandably, eternal life without pain, tears, and sickness is might very well be looking very inviting to Teresa’s roommate right now, as she’s worn out from the suffering.

We continued to wait for a Chaplain, who never showed up, so I asked them if they’d like me to baptize them. They did, so we made do. I grabbed a plastic bowl that was in the hospital room, filled it with some water. The patient, her husband and I said a prayer of confirmation, inviting God in their lives, then I baptized them as the lady desired. God doesn’t need gold instruments to get things done, but humble, open and willing hearts of gold!

I don’t know what will happen to this lady and her husband who are going through a terrible battle with cancer, but God knows. The main thing is their hearts are right, and they are ready by faith to meet their maker when their day comes. They made a spiritual decision to respond to His invitation, accepting Him as Lord of their lives.

Yes, it can always be worse!