Holy is our God

Holy is our God
Holy is His Name
Holy saints to be
Made perfect, you see

Saints made perfect to be righteous
How can that really be?
In Jesus we are cleansed
His Spirit changes us within

Deny what sin will offer
It will suffocate your life
It wants holiness to decrease
And your life in Him to cease

We’re to look like Him, sound like Him
Through power in His Name
Evil we’re to shun
Through His blood we overcome

Yes, we’ll fall, yes, we’ll fail
Yes, we’ll make mistakes
We’re in bodies not perfected,
Yet holy changes while connected

Yes, Holy is our God
The same saints will be
Cause of power in His Name
Through Him we’re not the same

While on vacation, and was able to visit with some dear friends in the Lord. I got to reflecting on some of our conversations about God and the body of Christ.  When I woke up this morning, this poem began to take shape in my heart. 

By faith, it is the power of God that changes us inwardly. I’ve tried to change myself in too many areas and failed.   I believe it is God that changed me … His power, His energy, His strength.  Face it, there have been time I’ve wanted to give up during really rough times. Some say people of faith are weak. That’s ok. I’d rather be weak in His strength to be strong.

Christians are called to live a life of holiness, but we don’t always get the job done.  There are times we react to life instead of being controlled in our actions, and some of our reactions, some of our words we speak are not holy. They don’t look or sound like Jesus.  God wants us to be measured, to do His will, to act like He would act, to say what He would say.

The holiness we may desire on the inside doesn’t always appear on the outside immediately, but don’t give up.  The Holy Spirit will continue to change us.  We will grow in holiness more and more and we stay connected to Him.